Get Fit, Ride Better

Getting into better shape can make you a better rider. These weight-training exercises from are guaranteed to work–and they take just minutes a week. By Jennifer Forsberg Meyer | You take lessons, attend clinics, watch videos. You read books and magazine articles. You ride regularly, keep a riding journal, and use mental imagery to […]

Columbia River Cowboy Gathering & Cowboy Idol

Kennewick, WA.  The 15th Annual Columbia River Cowboy Gathering and Western Music Festival will take place April 13 -15, 2018 at the Benton County Fairgrounds in Kennewick, WA. The event is organized by Judy Massengale along with the Columbia River Cowboy Gathering and Western Music Festival Board of Directors. News on featured performers, open mic sign up and […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Owning a Horse

Top 10 Health Benefits of Owning a Horse | Health Fitness Revolution Horse ownership can be very exciting and rewarding. The primary benefits from horse ownership are companionship, recreation and relaxation, but many people do not often realize the health benefits that can be gained from owning a horse. Keep in mind that raising and maintaining a […]

Horse Runner Thru Snow

New Year’s Resolutions for Maximizing Horse Health |

As one calendar year draws to a close and another begins, many people resolve to take steps to improve their lives. And while the wisdom of some resolutions remains questionable—such as paying off your credit card in full every month … with another credit card—others likely do have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. According […]